Solution Framework

Use of Open Source technologies

The eSangam Solution Framework and the National Services Directory (NSD) have been developed by using Open Source technologies. Connectors are being developed to integrate and inter-operate the eSangam solution with other technologies/ platforms.

Infrastrucutre and hosting

State-of-the-art infrastructure components have been procured by leading OEM vendors and the hosting is done by the NIC Data Centers in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Disaster Recovery

The disaster recovery solution provided complete transaction consistency and zero data loss where required.

The Disaster Recovery implementation and the Primary setup are at geographically distant locations

Performance Metrics

The following performance metrics are the goals set for eSangam at its time of launch:

eSangam is architected to support 250 messages per second (of an average 60 KB uncompressed payload) and is capable of scaling up to 1000 messages per second without exceeding the threshold response time of 3 seconds.

Based on the increase in the transaction volumes, eSangam will be scalable to achieve a throughput of 1000 messages per second without exceeding the response time threshold of 3 seconds.

At least 95% of the transactions should exhibit a response time 3 seconds else it will constitute a violation.