SSDG Split & Merge

  • SAPApplicationSpecificConnector :SAP Application Specific Connector Code

  • SPSpecificConnector :SP Side Application Connector in form of webservice

  • MainClassforallSSDGVerbs.cs as Main class

  • For synchronous service Execute Cycle:SynchronusRequest.cs SAP-SSDG -SP

  • For asynchronous service Execute Cycle:

    SAP-SSDG-SP :: Asynchronus request:: ASynchronusRequest.cs
    SAP-SSDG-SP ::SubmitPoll:: PollRequest.cs
    SAP-SSDG ::List Request for Submit Request::ListRequestforSubmitRequestClient.cs
    SAP-SSDG ::List Request for Submit Response::ListRequestforSubmitResponseClient.cs
    SAP-SSDG ::Delete Request::DeleteRequest.cs

  • If you are using IIS 5 version,Follow the steps in chapter 3 and 4 of DotNet Connector cookbook for SP Generic and Application Specific Connector deployment.

  • If IIS 7 version then Click on the link SSDG Read Me File for Deploying SP Side Connectors in IIS 7 (740kb , zip)

  • Files to be copied in IIS Server (770kb , zip)

  • Sample SAP Application Specific Connector Code (174kb , zip)