Constellation of Gateways


State Gateways/ Local Government Gateways/ Gateways in Government Verticals

The future e-Governance space of India would see many Government Departments/local bodies and Businesses offering many services, which will be consumed by the Citizens, Businesses and other Government Departments/local bodies. This would give rise to multiple Service Access Providers (SAP) and Service Providers (SP) and these necessarily may not reside with one Gateway but may be distributed among more than one Gateway (Gateway Constellation) under different administrative domains across the Centre, State, and local governments including gateways in specialized verticals.

The choice of a Gateway will be dictated based on the need for connecting multiple e-Governance services on multiple technologies/platforms to increase interoperability factor. In the absence of a gateway in any vertical or State level the service can still be offered through the default National Gateway.

When multiple Gateways become operational, eSangam will be equipped to route the messages to appropriate Gateways and reach out to the service offerings of local bodies, state governments and central governments, all working together in a peer-to-peer network.

However, in order to project a “simplified” and “unified” face of the Government, it is imperative that all these unifying Infrastructures, under various administrative domains work in close co-operation and in unison to support the “outcome based” paradigm of service delivery to the Citizens, Businesses or other Government Department/local bodies.

There could be three distinct types of gateways: The Central Gateway, the State Gateways and Department-specific (Domain) or Purpose-specific Gateways. The service scenarios cover three distinct groups: (a) Citizens (b) Businesses and (c) the Government departments / Ministries / Agencies. The following table summarizes the usefulness of the Gateway with in each of these entities:

Central Gateway State Government / Local Government gateways Department / Ministry / Purpose specific Gateways
G2G in the Centre G2G within the State
G2G in the State-Centre interactions
G2G within the Centre spread across the country, with each unit of the department having its own IT infrastructure
G2C in the Centre G2C within the State a predominant service orientation G2C on matters relating to citizens
G2B relating to the departments in the Centre G2B relating to the departments in the State, Local bodies and utilities G2B on matters relating to the Centre in business matters

The figure below depicts the conceptual gateway cluster with various services hosted by various gateways and these services listed on the National Service Directory (NSD) also a part of the gateway constellation for gateway address resolution.