Benefits to the Departments (Service Provider)

  • Multiple Delivery Channels : The position of the Gateway as the middleware will facilitate easy provisioning of government services through various delivery channels seamlessly.

  • Better Audit Management & Time Stamping : Results in better tracking (auditing) and security of each transaction

  • Web enabling of Legacy Applications: With the use of Gateway Server, even legacy applications can be Internet enabled as Gateway server can act as a Web layer around them so Government Departments need to put least effort for web enabled of their legacy applications.

  • Interoperability : The gateway positioning as the middleware will facilitate easy inter-departmental data exchange

  • Departmental Workflow : The Gateway will also help the Departments backend workflow evolve gradually as the Gateway acts as a middleware de-linking the backbends from the front end. This means that even the Departments, which do not have the complete automation or workflow at the back can still deliver e-Service to the citizens in a limited manner. To cite as an example, a server may be put up at the department for message exchange with Gateway in absence of readily available infrastructure at the department.

  • Seamless availability of information : The placement of constellation of Gateway Servers at State Level will facilitate in getting information and doing transactions by citizens of one State with Government Department of other States seamlessly.

  • Centralized Management : The positioning of Gateway Server and building portal of all the departments at Central location, i.e., in State Data Centre, will help in better centralized Administration, Monitoring, over all maintenance work and deployment of hardware of Web Site at optimal level.

  • Shared Services: In future, Gateway has the capability to add additional functionality to support shared common services like Authentication, payment gateway interface, etc